Brave Women worldwide dealing with breast cancer

A prophylactic film about BREAST CANCER

A Muslim and a Jewish woman find a subject of common interest.

Far too many children loose their mothers or husbands their wives. We want to change that.

The DEAR Foundation Movie which wishes to address the poorest women worldwide who do not have access to regular medical care. The movie has two main goals:

  1. Removal of all cultural taboos surrounding breast cancer and self examination
  2. Give access to medical information about breast cancer, offer advice on what you can do in your everyday life if you have been diagnosed with this illness and create valuable networks, self-help-groups and links worldwide.

The first part of the movie has been filmed at the Dead Sea in Israel in Januar 2015 with Jewish, Muslim, Druze, Christian and Aethiopian women. And this should tell us all one thing - we all have the same hopes and fears when it comes to dangerous illnesses, no matter where you live and what culture you belong to.

Working in our worldwide projects with women - from Honduras, Guatemala to South Africa, Aethiopia, Burkina Faso, Ghana to Vietnam, India, China, Tibet and Thailand, Palestine and Israel and many more, we want to give life saving and important information to women who do not have access to regular health care systems. We want to remove the taboos of self-examination in any culture so that the women can prevent or act early if they might have breast cancer.

With this film due end 2015 we want to give information and prevention techniques to the women and also men all over the world. Our top oncologists and surgeons will provide valuable medical information and explain among other things, why men can also have breast cancer and that the survival chances for women and men are very good if they react early.

Anybody can have breast cancer and there is no reason ever to be ashamed of it. Talk to your friends and try to seek medical help as soon as possible.


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